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Submit a statement or letter to Stacy Brennan, M.D. at Medicare. For assistance in drafting a comment or letter, please visit one of these sites:

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NAAOP Update

The National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics (NAAOP) hosted a webinar on Friday, August 21, to provide an update on the draft Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Lower Limb Prostheses. During the webinar, NAAOP general counsel Peter Thomas, JD, and NAAOP President David McGill, JD, presented the latest updates about efforts to rescind the proposed LCD. Participants learned what the next steps are and what they can do to help as the LCD process moves into the open comment meeting to be held on Wednesday, August 26 in Maryland.

What is the Situation?

Medicare has proposed a new lower limb prosthetic policy that restricts coverage and would send amputees back to 1970's standards of care. This will eventually spread to the VA and all private payers, including yours. We need your help completing the two steps above.

Read O&P Alliance Official Response to Draft LCD

Supporting Documents

Clinical Position / White Papers

Over 100,000 signatures!

The orthotic and prosthetic community, health care professionals, friends, and families have all worked together to send a strong message. Please continue to use the resources available here to further build on this success and help us rescind Medicare's proposal!


Media Coverage

The following is a growing listing of local and national media coverage of this issue. Thanks to AOPA for collecting and sharing these links.

Who Are We?

We represent the prosthetic limb communities. Both the consumers and the providers who serve them.